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Meet Lou
Natural Health Coach and Holistic Consultant

First off, thank you for visiting and looking into enhancing your vitality naturally. My name is Lou and here's a little about me. 


My introduction to natural health came the same way as many other practitioners, with my own healing. From countless hours and trials of correcting conditions associated with my poor diet, mindset, exposures, and lifestyle choices, I have been able to figure out multiple effective strategies for healing and energy-optimizing in nearly every aspect of life. These practices have helped me immensely and continue to do so, and I am honored to share them with you.


I began studying natural healing sometime in my mid 20’s, and attained certifications as a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. I have since realized that optimal, total health is about way more than diet and exercise, and have refined my approach and protocols to incorporate an awareness and understanding of these oft-overlooked realms.


As for my personal interests and hobbies, I like to garden, play soccer, hike, make and listen to music, and laugh with friends and family.

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