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Laughter and Comedy

The last few weeks have been very stressful for me, and I was met with set back after set back in multiple endeavors. It seemed nothing was going right for me, regardless of what I did. Certain relationships were being strained and maintaining a positive outlook was becoming increasingly more difficult. All of that changed when I called my good friend Dan. I was able to recount my issues in a way that had both of us cracking up, doing impressions of some of the people that had wronged me, recapping situations I was in through a comedic lens, and thoroughly transmuting the anguish I was carrying into hilarity and gratitude. When our conversation was over, I felt great; rejuvenated, refreshed, and light yet grounded.

There are very few practices as profoundly healing as laughter, and having a good sense of humor is immensely important for me. I’ve worked with brilliant people who are aware of many different critical issues as well as healing techniques and modalities, whose primary stumbling block towards comprehensive health and happiness was a lack of humor in their daily lives. In fact, acquiring deeper levels of knowledge without a balancing levity can be very dangerous to ones psyche, which can inhibit healing and even cause or worsen physical afflictions. I’ve experienced this first hand. Sometimes coming across suppressed knowledge or making certain realizations about the way the world works results in resentment and isolation, especially when others around you don’t see the same things. This makes laughter all the more critical as a means of self-protection, preservation, and healing.

One thing I want to accomplish with this blog is to share funny stories, videos, and recommendations, to remind people to laugh and find humor in life.

I’ll start it with a hilarious brief scene from Leslie Neilson’s Naked Gun movie. Hope you enjoy.

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